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The Dealers Choice Difference

About Dealers Choice Mutual Insurance

Originally founded in November 1981 as the North Carolina Self Insurance Fund to assist NCADA members facing an unstable and expensive Workers Compensation marketplace, Dealers Choice Mutual Insurance (DCMI) continues to embrace its mission to provide eligible NCADA automobile, truck and RV dealers with stable, competitively priced coverage combined with unparalleled loss prevention support and exemplary claims service regardless of economic cycles.

Dealers Choice is organized as a mutual insurance company which means we are owned by and answer only to our policyholders. Our goal is to help NCADA members understand how to manage risk, comply with OSHA standards and maintain a safe workplace that not only enhances employee morale and productivity but also lowers insurance and operating costs over time.

Our Partner Group

Dealers Choice Mutual Insurance is exclusively endorsed by the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association.

How We Can Help

We provide competitive rates, industry specific loss prevention support, exceptional claims service, and a managed care network committed to cost savings. Learn more about us and a few of our key services below.

Are You Eligible to Join?

  • NCADA Member

  • In Business 3 Years Plus

  • Profitable Operation

  • Demonstrate Commitment to Safe Workplace