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The Dealers Choice Difference

Dealers Choice Mutual Insurance - Proud of a 30 Year Tradition of Supporting Dealers

For nearly 40 years, NCADA and Dealers Choice have been committed to assisting dealers with obtaining competitively priced workers’ compensation insurance to best serve the needs of your dealership and to best protect your employees. Beginning in 1981, in response to the calls of NCADA members for a program uniquely tailored to the industry, NCADA formed its own Self Insurance Fund (SIF).


In light of regulatory and economic changes, in 2009 NCADA merged the SIF into the independently operated, Dealers Choice Mutual Insurance (DCMI) – exclusively endorsed by NCADA. DCMI, which maintained its headquarters at the NCADA offices, has been operated from the start with the same mission as the original SIF – Workers’ Compensation, By Dealers, For Dealers.


Throughout the years, numerous dealer members have worked hand-in-hand with NCADA to oversee these efforts and to ensure the availability of quality insurance products which are competitively priced and supportive of North Carolina’s franchised dealers. Prior chairmen – leaders such as the late Shack Shackleford, Earl Tindol, Dave Westcott and Mike Alford, to current Dealer’s Choice Chair Natalie Tindol, have stepped forward to pro-actively lead these dealer-focused efforts. Their efforts over the past 37 years, on behalf of all NCADA members, have been truly outstanding!


NCADA’s commitment to working with our members to provide high-quality, competitively priced workers’ compensation insurance is just as strong TODAY as when it was first made to our members in 1981. Additionally, with equal pride, prudence and industry support, Dealer Choice Mutual exited the workers compensation business on December 31, 2018 and worked with NCADA members to ensure a smooth transition for all dealers.


Special thanks and appreciation go to the current Board of Dealers Choice Mutual, lead by NCADA Trustee Natalie Tindol and composed of North Carolina franchised dealers, for their tireless efforts and work in ensuring an efficient, seamless transition for NCADA members. Other Board members include Vice Chair Thom Dillard, Treasurer Mitch Abernethy, Past Chair Jeff Michael, Ched Neal, Tony Bertschi, Mark Fisher, Omnia Fowler, John Gillilan, Jr., Rick Parker, Mary Margaret Vann, Lawrence White, and Steve White, Jr. Their effort over the past 3 years has been outstanding.


Should you have any questions regarding claims management or placing future workers compensation coverage, please call NCADA at 1-919-828-4421.